Wow. I really did abandon this page. Hard.

I could have seen it coming of course, but I didn’t see it getting this bad after such a short while. Especially considering there’s quite a number of stories I haven’t got around to telling. And yes, I do mean quite a number. I’ve lived a busy lif- ok, NO. [That comes out wrong.]

So how did I find my way back into this place? Why, by massive popular support, of course! #blatantlies The actual story is, I went through what turned out to be a fun string of emotional misfortunes [yesyesI’llbesharingthemstopasking]… and then was occupied with readjusting to school… and lately with going through less unfortunate situations… but that’s a story I won’t quite be sharing… yet? #fingerscrossed

So we can call this whole period one of material collecting.


I ought to thank my dearest BoomerangBestie and two equally dear lovely people I haven’t introduced yet, CaliCommunicator and UltimateDouche, for their gentle push [off a cliff] and motivation to pursue my literary dreams have me airing out all my embarrassing stories in the most public medium imaginable. You can see how much these three must love me. #toinfinityandbeyond [well it wasn’t *their* idea] And now, with a new layout and a renewed vow to mercilessly keep on making fun of myself, I promise a new post before the end of the week. Stay tuned! ♥


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