Some things I want to clear up before I go on:

On Codenames: Even though it’d be hard to identify people without my location, I still feel compelled to protect the identities of the people I’ll talk about (and sometimes for good reason). So, yeah, you won’t get their names either.

  • When it comes to guys (as seen in Episode One): They’ll mostly relate to their job/studies [of-course-I’ll be-switching-some-of-them-around! #paranoidandroid], unless…
    • Exes: They’ll go from EvilEx1 to whichever number applies [not really evil but yeah, #ScottPilgrimFTMFW]
    • TwoGuysOneTrade: If any two guys share a job/field, I’ll give one of them a name based on personality/any weird traits they might have.


  • When it comes to girls: Just random. [ok not really.] It just depends on why I’m introducing them. If it’s something instrumental to the story, they’re names will reflect it. (i.e.: SoCalledStudyBuddy*, ScummyBitch**) My friends, on the other hand, will appear often, so I better start introducing a few of them:
    • BoomerangBestie: My partner in crime (which often goes unpunished). We drifted apart for a while after a fight but we’re back to our former glory. To say that I love her to pieces is an understatement.
    • MissBlackbelt: One of the sweetest people in the world – she could kick any guy’s butt in a millisecond, but she’s just too nice. Really smart too, even if her head is often in the clouds.
    • ListeningSis: The younger sister I don’t have. She asks for advice and provides great insights. Although we share the same taste in men, you wouldn’t be able to tell from our choices.
    • Glamazon: Has impeccable taste in fashion, and is also a great beauty blogger. Our guilty pleasures include make-up purchases and tearing guys to pieces.


On Format: For now, there will be two kinds of posts (disregarding random/admin ones):

    • Story posts: Basically, my (mis)adventures told in episodes.
    • Topic posts: My thoughts on different ideas prevalent in relationships – from monogamy to trust and everything in between. Opinions are most definitely welcome, and discussions encouraged.

While on the topic, I should clarify that statements in brackets (not parentheses nor braces) and italics tend to be my brain’s unfiltered thoughts, [non-] witty remarks, [pseudo-] snarky comebacks and so on. You get the idea.

On Content: I will not blog about anything romantic /casual/physical currently taking place in my life. I deserve some privacy. [And if it goes awry you will find out eventually. 😉]

And with all administrative matters now cleared out, expect Episode Two after the break! 


*Just an example

**An actual minor character in a story.


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