Episode Two: The 2010 Agreement


Today’s soundtrack: Tears Dry on Their Own – Amy Winehouse

If you’ve read Episode One you must think I’m an idiot – and rightfully so.

I certainly felt like one myself once I reached my room that evening, which I spent [ok, as well as the following entire two days] eating chocolate and listening to Ms Winehouse’s finest on repeat. #shamelessconfessions  But you must remember, that wasn’t really the whole story. I just happened to… pretty much start at the ending [so that you’d come again and read this #nefariousploy].

So, what’s the story ?

Ok, not *this* one.

[Not that one, evidently. Still, pretty good record.]

Let’s take it from the top. I met BlueprintBoss at one of my birthday celebrations which, as BoomerangBestie will most definitely remember, was a proper clusterfuck for a wide variety of reasons – the most prevalent being my very recent (and apparently failed to that point) breakup with CluelessEngineer. [running up and down stairs and hiding in the conveniently placed crowd, anyone?] That wasn’t the first time I’d seen him – we had exchanged looks at BoomerangBestie’s own birthday a few weeks prior, but then I got to the pre-drinking late, and he didn’t join for clubbing, and I didn’t even talk to him and, and, and. #irrelevant. So yeah. Somehow, in the midst of surviving the madness that was that evening, we managed to chat a little, dance (appropriately), and connect enough to not make a facebook friend request incredibly awkard. #relativelywinnning

In the days that followed we remained in touch over chat making small talk about random matters to get to know each other a little better (you know, #usualprotocol) until I received an invitation to do so in person. At his place, no less. I would have been suspicious had I not known that:

      1. He had a roommate.
      2. They only had one room.

That first meeting went quite smoothly, and we had a good time altogether. [Yes, his roommate vanished at one point. No, still nothing happened.] So of course this took place again… with no tangible signs of interest from his part other than us still meeting. This reached a cusp one night as we said goodbye at the station, when we stared for the longest time [oh-godis-he-gonna-lean-in-and-kiss-me-or-what?]… and nothing happened still. “Fuck this,” I thought, “he’s definitely not interested. Oh well.”

You can imagine my surprise when he asked to meet me again after that. At his place, no less.

I won’t get into all the excruciating detail of that night… because there isn’t that much of it (except for mentioning that he takes the medal of “first guy to ever cook for me” which was pretty great). The important part of the story came as we sat next to each other watching a random 80s movie and we were back to those long stares like the ones at the station. And then… he opened his mouth.

“I really want to kiss you right now, but I have to say something first.”

Oh crap.

…it does sound pretty scary, huh?

Actually it wasn’t. He revealed he was going to go abroad for a year in three months time and due to the time constraint, he wasn’t looking for anything serious. I, being fresh off a relationship that can only be described as an epic fail, sighed in relief.  And yes, we finally kissed.

We were pretty efficient in laying down our ground rules. We came up with three. One: this is an open endeavor. Two: if you do, in fact, sleep with a third party, notify me. Three: this has to be kept under wraps. (At my insistence, since him and CluelessEngineer had friends in common). And so the 2010 Agreement was born. It worked beautifully, to the point where the first two rules became inconsequential. We had a memorable three months. But then, alas, they were over and we parted. We kept in touch over time but things never went back to where they were, even after his return.

Why, then, did I attempt to revive the 2010 Agreement? I perhaps I should’ve known better than to do so. But there I was, again, in a place where I didn’t want a fully-fledged relationship (although with him, at a different time, I wouldn’t have minded), in front of the first friend-with-benefits I’ve ever had, and I honestly liked him that much. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. But then it did, to my surprise. I guess I had idealized those months quite a bit [who wouldn’t? I had no complaints!] and it was a bit of a hard landing to know we wouldn’t revisit that either because of work or because he’s-just-not-that-into-me-anymore. But after getting through the sad music and more chocolate than I’d like to admit, I’ve stayed true to my word  and we remain friends. Whatever. We’ll always have 2010.


2 thoughts on “Episode Two: The 2010 Agreement

    • Thank you so much! I think part of the reason my experience worked so well was the time constraint. I imagine things could’ve taken a turn for the worst if, over time, each/either of us had started to see anyone else. But eh, at least it makes for a nice memory – and a good story.

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