(Where are my manners?)


Well, silly me. Starting a blog featuring my emotional (mis)adventures without even introducing myself? This is clearly not how my mother raised me. Accept my most sincere apologies. And chocolate.

So, let’s get to business.

My name is [no-of-course-I’m-not-giving-out-my-actual-name-duh*], I’m [older than I look+] and I live in [pick a city anywhere in North America**], where I [wrestle alligators for a living++]. #truestory  I started this blog because I have nothing better to do/ some people think my stories are amusing/ you could learn a thing or two from me (HA.) I really love writing. And I know for a fact it’s better to write about things you know. What better than to mercilessly poke fun at my emotional ineptitude? It’ll be good practice. [cue #itsoundedlikeagoodidea in a few weeks time.] I’ll follow with a few things I’d like you to know before reading  a mandatory read, y’all.


*You can call me ShamelessSingleGirl. (Or SSG for short)
+Or so I’ve been told. In my 20s.
**Excluding the states of Arizona, Texas, and Alaska.
++Actually, I just go to school here. I know, the alligator story was more fun.


4 thoughts on “(Where are my manners?)

  1. It’s always fun coming across another anon writer and it’s hard trying to be anon because you have to be careful not to write peoples names, and where you live. I love writing too and always have since I was little. It’s nice to meet you! 🙂

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